1. General Conditions for Contracting.


4.1.    On-line Contract


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L. contract with the user for the purchase of their products will be made in writing specifying the object, the cause, the price, the resolution and any of the contractual clauses in accordance to the aforementioned regulations.


The products offered by COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L. are addressed to companies, business people and professionals. Thus, we inform that according to the current legislation, a businessperson is any natural or legal person acting within their business or professional activity, whether public or private.


The products shown on the website are photographs of real ones and may differ from contrasted reality. This is why the user is warned with the intention to avoid misunderstandings..


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L. facilitates in a clear and understandable way real and enough information about the characteristics of their products, in particular about their legal and economic condition. This is why the products on sale offer the best warrantee both from the technical and the legal point of view.


The on-line order service through the website regulated by the present Particular Conditions allows making orders with the finality to acquire products and services and is subject to the following features:



  1. COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L. is only dedicated to the wholesale of their products.
  2. New items are exposed weekly.
  3. Your order is carefully wrapped so as to avoid damages during delivery.
  4. Any information about the purchase from our clients is strictly confidential. l.



4.2.    Prices and Taxes.


Considering the differentiated tax system in Peninsular Spain, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the following information is supplied:


  • Given their special tax system, the geographical area corresponding to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are considered to be extra community territories. Thus, the purchases made by residents of these territories are exempt from VAT (custom expenses and import taxes are not included neither in the item price nor in the delivery and they will have to be paid by the receiver).


  • In the sales for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla VAT will not be applied. However, the customs system will apply the corresponding charges. In any case we will be able to determine the amount of the taxes to be paid by the client at their products reception since it depends on the “I.G.I.C.” and the “Canary Customs” in the case of the Canary Islands.


  • Not all the prices on the web include the corresponding 21% VAT. The total VAT to be paid will be desegregated when the purchase process is completed. The invoice with be received when the items are delivered. In this document, every item will be mentioned separately, the taxes and, if applies, the discounts applied with the final amount to pay.


  • Habitual prices and prices with offers:




The prices shown on http://cosarsilver.es/ may be revised and modified if conditions require so in any moment. This is why we inform beforehand that “products on offer” may appear on the web before mentioned. This fact will be shown in the prices corresponding to each of them. Both the offer price and habitual price will appear, giving truthful and transparent information at all times





4.3.    Freights and deliveries quantification.

Minimum purchase is 200€ (excluding VAT). Freight costs will be paid by the client in all the orders except those purchases over the following amounts (excluding VAT) shown in the following grid:








Shipping costs


Shipping costs

Peninsular Spain

10,00 €

1.000,00 €

0,00 €


15,00 €

1.500,00 €

0,00 €

Peninsular Portugal

15,00 €

1.500,00 €

0,00 €

Balearic Islands

17,00 €

1.500,00 €

0,00 €


30,00 €

3.000,00 €

0,00 €

Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

20,00 €

2.000,00 €

0,00 €

United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg.

30,00 €

3.000,00 €

0,00 €

Canada, USA, Feroe, Iceland , Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and The Vatican.

50,00 €

5.000,00 €

0,00 €

Azores, Madeira and the rest of the world.

100,00 €

0,00 €

100,00 €




COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L reserves the right to modify, temporally suspend or cancel the service in any moment.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L reserves the right to reject those purchases which do not pass the security controls established by their trading system.


As regards shipping, the following circumstances must be born in mind

Shipment methods and delivery terms:


      I.        COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L warrantees the order elaboration and its delivery to the carrier in the shortest time possible as long as the item is on stock except other contingencies or force majeure.


    II.        Delivery terms can be affected by local, autonomic or national festivities.


   III.        COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L reserves the right to vary the kind and Company of shipment as long as this does not mean any prejudice for the customer. Shipments to P.O Boxes will not be made under any circumstances.


   IV.        COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L reserves the right to modify delivery times without previous notice in the case of big orders. In order to guarantee the shipment safety, the terms will be those stated at the moment of the purchase.

    V.        Shipments will be made through two delivery companies contracted by COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L: MRW http://www.mrw.es and DHL http://www.dhl.es


   VI.        The cost of the service depends on the weight and the delivery address. If the customer wants to be previously informed of the cost, they should mention so in the Comments section when making their order or contact us via email info@cosarsilver.es


  1. Once received, the orders will take 3 (three) working days to be delivered in Peninsular Spain and 7 (seven) working days in Europe. They will be given to the delivery company immediately after receiving payment confirmation. We kindly request you to email the transfer voucher to info@cosarsilver.es


  1. For deliveries during the Christmas season, the delivery company can take longer than usual due to the saturation in deliveries in these dates



4.4.    Procurement and Registration Procedure.


Before procurement, the user will have the information regarding the steps to follow in order to arrange an electronic products and services purchase agreement available in the. The steps for the user to follow are stated below:


ü  Creating a new account: professional and invoicing details, (contact details; name, address, ID, email….)

ü  Selecting the products they are interested in.

ü  Add the products to the Shopping Bag, press “Proceed Order” and fill in the following details:


  1. Delivery address.
  2. Choose invoicing address (only if different from delivery address).
  3. Payment method: bank transfer.
  4. Confirm order.


Should you need any kind of clarification, we suggest you to contact us via email pedidos@cosarsilver.es



For any claim or suggestion, clients can contact:


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L via emailinfo@cosarsilver.es or by letter to Plaza Tetuán 40-41 planta 2 oficina 29 (08010 Barcelona).


In order to modify the registry details or the details of the company you represent, you can contact:


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L via emailinfo@cosarsilver.es or, by letter to Plaza Tetuán 40-41 planta 2 oficina 29 (08010 Barcelona), always with a DNI photocopy or any other supporting document of the entity you represent.


For the on-line purchase the necessary data to carry out and control the order will be requested. (Including delivery address and payment method)


Invoicing details will be those stated in the client registry. COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L will not accept responsibility for the mistakes made in the details supplied to make your order. The client must pay especial attention to filling in the forms properly without prejudice of correcting such data once the purchase has been made.


If the client introduces wrong data during the purchase and the correction derives in further costs, COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L reserves the right to charge those expenses on the client or even cancel the purchase.


Once the delivery has been made and the item has been paid, the Contract will be understood to be concluded between COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L and its client.



4.5.    Ways of payment


Order payments can be made by:


Bank transfer: order shipment will be made once the payment by bank transfer has been received and confirmed. We request you to find a bank transfer confirmation copy by email to info@cosarsilver.es including the order number and the client identification details.





5. Returns or exchanges of purchased goods.


If the client detects any anomaly not imputable to the carrier after the goods have been delivered (breakage or wrong quantities, wrong price or the item does not correspond to what you had ordered) after careful inspection, they should get in touch with con COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L in 4 (four) natural days’ time and explain the incidence. An appropriate solution will be given in the shortest possible time.


After this time, it will be understood that the product has been accepted by the client and it shall not give rise to any possible claim.


In order to manage a return, the client should proceed according to the instructions given by COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L in the document for this matter attached in the invoice with the finality to avoid any loss or damage of the goods.


For any questions, contact us via email to info@cosarsilver.es or by letter to COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L Plaza Tetuán 40-41 planta 2 oficina 29 (08010 Barcelona).


Delivery costs in case of returned goods will be paid by the client as long as it is not the seller’s fault.

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