Cosar Silver was created in 1965 in the heart of the magical city of Istanbul as a family jewelry business. Our Assyrian roots have given us a special appreciation for craftsmanship that has accompanied us from the beginning. With our taste and our family business structure, what started as a small factory is now one of the leading companies in Europe in the production of silver jewelry with representation in Spain.

This growth is the result of many years of work without deviating from our goal: to offer the best service to our customers. At Cosar Silver, we firmly believe that our product should combine quality with current designs, competitive prices, responsible raw materials and excellent customer service. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with the latest technological advances in silver jewelry production without giving up the craftsmanship that characterizes our pieces. Thanks to a team of over 100 qualified workers, we can be proud to say that our Istanbul factory is currently one of the most modern and promising in the sector in Europe.


After some incursions into the Spanish market to evaluate it and participate in several MadridJoya fairs, in 2015 we decided to open a Cosar Silver office in Barcelona. Led and managed by Çaglar Turgut, this brand's branch with wholesale silver jewelry sales and distribution has allowed us to continue growing in the country and offer better attention and service to customers. During these years, we have had the pleasure of becoming part of many showcases of the best and most beautiful jewelry stores in Spain with our collection, as well as creating entire collections for major brands in the sector.

The office, located in the center of Barcelona, is not only a direct sales point for our customers thanks to an extensive showroom, but it also serves as a distribution point for our network of sales representatives throughout the country.

With the same enthusiasm and commitment with which we started in 2015, we will continue to grow and improve to meet the needs of our current and future customers by offering them the latest news in silver jewelry at competitive prices and impeccable proximity service.



Once established in Spain, and with the always present goal of continuing to grow, we decided to expand our service to the rest of Europe. Thanks to participation in several European fairs, we were able to meet new customers who trust us and have opened the doors of their country to us.

Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands... are some of the countries where you can find Cosar Silver as part of the showcases of distinguished jewelry shops. In addition to wholesale sales of our collection to jewelers, we are also manufacturers of exclusive collections for major European brands.

Without forgetting our family business essence that began with great effort and enthusiasm, we will continue to work to keep growing and satisfying our invaluable customers and those who will come, so that the jewels of Cosar Silver shine all over the world and receive the same affection that was dedicated to making them.