This cookies policy is based on the "Directive on privacy and electronic communications" (Directive 2002/58 / EC of the European Parliament and Council of July 12, 2002 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (Directive on privacy and electronic communications). This directive contains rules regarding information and consent for cookies that are stored on your computer.

When you visit this website, you automatically receive one or more cookies. These cookies allow us to collect information about you, your computer, and your behavior on the site. In this cookie policy, you can read detailed information about how we handle the collected information, what we use it for, who has access to the information, and who you can contact regarding the collected information. By visiting and using this website, you consent to this cookie policy and the collection of information about you.

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file stored in your browser and recognized by the website upon return, allowing us to send personalized information to your browser. A cookie can contain text, numbers, or, for example, a date, but there is no personal information stored in a cookie. It is not a program and cannot contain a virus.

How long are cookies stored? Cookies sent to you from this website are stored for a maximum of 24 months from your last visit. Each time you revisit the site, the period is extended. The cookies in question will therefore be stored for a maximum of 24 months from your last visit to our website.

How do I avoid cookies? You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. The way to find these settings depends on your browser. You should note that if you opt to reject cookies, there may be functions you cannot use because these functions and services assume that the website remembers the choices you make. Deletion of cookies: cookies that you previously accepted can easily be deleted afterwards. If you use a PC with a recent internet browser, you can delete your cookies using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If the shortcut doesn't work, or if you use a MAC, you can start by finding out which browser you are using and then clicking on the corresponding link: Remember: If you use multiple internet browsers, you must delete the cookies in all of them.

What are cookies used for on our website? Cookies are necessary for the website to function correctly and optimize the shopping experience. Additionally, cookies help us get a general description of your visit to the site so we can continuously optimize and tailor the website to your needs and interests. Cookies remember, for example, what you added to a potential shopping cart if you previously visited the site, and what language and currency you prefer on the site. We use cookies to determine who visits our website, as well as to maintain statistics, analysis, and geomarketing. In general, cookies are used as part of our service to show you the most relevant content possible.

Google: Google cookies are used for statistics. These cookies are not used to record personal information unless you give explicit permission. Data can be disclosed to third parties anonymously in order to guide marketing and achieve a better understanding of users of separate websites and the Danish market in general. Information can also be disclosed to third parties if required by regulatory requirements. We also use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to identify the frequency of use of certain areas of our website and to identify preferences. Google uses the information generated by cookies to analyze your use of the website and perform other services associated with the use of the website.