1. Links policy


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L is not responsible for those websites or files accessible through their site via links in their contents due to the fact that those sites are responsibility of their respective owners.


Consequently, this website does not approve or makes its own the products, services, contents, information, data, files or any kind of existing material in these webs or files. The present site does not control or takes any responsibility for the quality, legality, reliability and utility of the existing contents and services in the links which are external to this site.


The links will be immediately withdrawn if deemed appropriate or in the case that a competent organ declares the data illegal and requests them to be withdrawn, makes access impossible or damage had been reported together with the corresponding solution.


  1. Terms and definitions


The following terms will be referenced in the Conditions of Use and Contract with the range and meaning detailed below and no distinction is made if they are used in the singular or in the plural.  


“Information”: referred to any kind of ordered data, independently of their format, when collected in this website.


“Users”: people who visit and/or use the website.


”Registered User”: Users who successfully complete the registration process in the present website. .


”Service”: it means the different contents, applications, resources and services the users access to through the website and which can be either free or under payment.


“Cookie”: It is a piece of information sent by a website and its kept in the users’ browser so the website can consult the users’ previous activity.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L is exempt from any responsibility from information published in their website as long as this information has been manipulated or introduced by an external third person.




  1. Cookies used by the present website.


Following the new regulation, COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L makes available to their users the information related to the cookies used and the reason of their use and hence requests the users’ permission to do so.


Cookies are essential to internet good functioning giving multiple advantages for supplying interactive services. However, their shared use among several websites has raised social awareness and alert in the context of advertisement personalisation. This document will help you understand the different security levels in the cookies we use as well as the circumstances under which you will be requested previous permission before them being saved.  


Cookies replace a tool used by web servers to store and recuperate information about their visitors. They consist of text files sent to your computer to keep a registry of your preferences and remember them when you are back.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L uses cookies to facilitate navigation in your website and obtain better efficiency and customisation of the services offers to the users. The cookies used allow us to keep information about the users’ preferences and language used so as to show you contents and offers of your especial interest according to your profile and also to register the number of times that a certain message is shown to a user (generally, new items in the website)


Some cookies are assigned to your PC during your visit to our site. They are called “session cookies” and they disappear automatically when your bowser is closed. COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L does not use persistent cookies.


Users can freely decide on their implementation in their hard drive. In this sense, users can set up their browser to accept or deny all the cookies by default or to receive a warning on their screen when cookies are received and decide in that moment whether or not to implement them in their hard drive.


As the cookies we implement are of a general kind for all the users, in case you want to modify them, they should be managed from your own browser’s tools.


  • Chrome.


  • Internet Explorer.


  • Firefox.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L uses cookies to remember your preferences. Bear in mind that if you eliminate all the cookies or use a different device, browser, profile or computer, your preferences should be updated and notified to us again.



As additional warrantee to the above mentioned, the registry could be subject to cookies acceptance during the set up or update of the used. This acceptance can, in any moment, be revoked through the settings and privacy options available. .


Analytic cookies


With periodic maintenance purposes and in order to ensure the best possible user service, websites commonly use analytic cookies to gather activity statistic data.




Analytic cookies used by COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L are as follows:


__utmb __utmc __utmz


These Google Analytics(TM) cookies generate an anonymous users ID which are used sto keep a record of the times users visit a website. They also register the first and last time the user visited the website. They calculate when a session finished, determines the users’ origin and also the keywords.




  1. Intellectual Property


The Service includes the copyrights and intellectual property rights of COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L and, consequently, all rights are reserved connected with the service of your website as well as brands, graphics and logos used connected with COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L holds all the rights on the contents, designs and, especially, including but not limited to the photographs, images, texts, logos, designs, brands, trademarks, buttons, software files, colour combinations and data included in the web. Users are warned that such rights are protected by the applicable current legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property



  1. Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibilities.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L does not take any responsibility for the contents inserted in the web by the users. Users will be held responsible of any damage and prejudice caused to COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L as a result of non-complying any of the obligation to which they are submitted under the General Terms of Use or the Law in relation to the Use of the Website.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L does not give any guarantee or takes any responsibility whatsoever for damaged derived from access, Content Use or Website.


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L excludes any responsibility for the damage of any kind including loss of profit that could derive to service given by third parties through the Website as well as the ways these habilitate to manage service requests and, especially, not limited: the actions of unfair competition and illegal advertising, lack of veracity, accuracy, comprehensiveness, hidden faults, defects, relevance and/or contents update, timeliness of the contents transmitted, stored, made available or accessible through the services given to third parties via the Website


COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L does not control or examine the contents generated by users to check their truthfulness. They do not give statements neither expressed nor implied guarantees. To the extend permitted by the applicable law, COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L and their suppliers renounce to all the explicit guarantees of trade, suitability for a special use, ownership, data accuracy and no offence. If the user is not satisfied or feels prejudiced by COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L or by any matter related to this Company, they can cancel their account via email to and rescind the present general conditions as the only way.



  1. Infringements notification procedure


If in case any user or third party considers there are any facts or circumstances revealing illegal use of any content and/or action in the included websites, they should report it to the customer attention service via email to or by letter to COSAR SILVER ESPAÑA S.L Plaza Tetuán 40-41 planta 2 oficina 29 (08010 Barcelona), always including a ID photocopy or identification of the Company you represent.



  1. Applicable legislation


These general terms and use conditions are governed by the Spanish law.In accordance with article 9 of the law 34/2002, July 11th, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the electronic contracts between business people and professionals, in failure of agreement between the parties, will be taken as celebrated where the service supplier is based.


In case of controversy derived from the present general conditions and for conflict resolutions, the parties choose to be submitted to the courts of Barcelona and waive their own jurisdiction and any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by law.




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